Saturday, October 16, 2021
Irish Retailer Primark Pledges to Make All Its Clothes Sustainable and Affordable by 2030
9/16/2021 5:05:55 AM

Irish fashion retailer Primark has pledged to make all of its clothes from recycled or "more sustainably sourced materials" while keeping the prices affordable.

Primark announced new commitments to reduce fashion waste, including making clothes from cotton that is organic, recycled, or sourced their their sustainable cotton program and cutting out single-use plastic, pledging to make clothes "recyclable by design" by 2027.

Primark further said that it will work with its suppliers to halve its carbon emissions across its value chain by 2030

The retailer said that it will strengthen the durability of its clothes to make them last longer as part of their pledge to "make more sustainable fashion affordable for all."

"Our ambition is to offer customers the affordable prices they know and love us for, but with products that are made in a way that is better for the planet and the people who make them," Primark Chief Executive Paul Marchant said.

Primark also committed to pursue a living wage for its employees, as well as improve their health and wellbeing and promote equal opportunities for women.

However, Primark did not specify how much this wage would be for its 700,000 employees in over 330 stores in 11 countries across Europe and America.

Primark said it will report annually on its progress in meeting its commitments.

Courtesy: Fourth Estate