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Here's Why Hot Tea Could Increase Risk Of Cancer
2/7/2018 4:25:38 AM
Antonio Manaytay - Fourth Estate Contributor

Miami, FL, United States (4E) - A new study found out that drinking hot tea, alongside with smoking and alcohol consumption, could increase the risk of acquiring cancer of the esophagus.

It was previously thought that alcohol consumption and smoking cigarettes could increase the risk of acquiring cancer of the esophagus, a tube that connects the throat to the stomach but is the first time that hot tea could further complicate the matter.

The study, published on February 5 in the Annals of Internal Medicine, said people who smoke and drink even one drink a day could increase by five times their risk to develop esophageal cancer. For people who are not smoker and drinker, however, drinking hot tea is less likely to acquire cancer.

The researchers studied the data of some 456,000 Chinese adults, whose ages range from 30 to 79 years old. At the start of the study, these people, who had no cancer, were asked about their levels of consumption of cigarettes, alcohol, and tea.

After nine years, the study said, about 1,700 of the participants did develop the cancer of the esophagus.

"We found that the association between high-temperature tea consumption and esophageal cancer risk was dependent on alcohol and tobacco consumption," lead author Jun Lv, a professor of epidemiology and biostatistics at Peking University School of Public Health, in an email to TIME said.

The study, which was observational, did not determine the link - the cause-and-effect - of drinking hot in addition to alcohol consumption and smoking.

The study's authors could only speculate at best.

Hot tea might have damaged the tissue along the esophagus, which injury could further be exacerbated when the person smoked and drank.

It is also possible, according to the authors, that inflammatory compounds were formed after the esophagus got irritated repeatedly.

Tea, especially the green tea, has been previously known for its cancer-fighting potentials.

It is possible that tea may contribute to the development of cancer in certain conditions but it is not the main factor, Lv said.

"it's important to abstain from high-temperature tea in excessive alcohol consumers and smokers for esophageal cancer prevention," Lv, in an email to TIME, said.

The most important thing is, according to Lv, is to keep "away from both tobacco and excessive alcohol use" to effectively prevent developing esophageal cancer.

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