Sunday, February 18, 2018
Where SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket Can Go?
2/5/2018 2:33:58 PM
Antonio Manaytay - Fourth Estate Contributor

Cape Canaveral, FL, United States (4E) - Don't watch for its size when SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket will be launched on February 6. Look where it can go, instead.

At first, the new Falcon Heavy could easily catch everyone's attention due to its sheer size: its 5.1 million pounds thrust makes it the most powerful rocket in the world. The new rocket can take in heavier payloads to space.

During the launch, however, the Falcon Heavy will take into space a whimsical payload - a Tesla Roadster.

Yet, the payload is not the more significant. Where it will go is far more important.

SpaceX, reports said, intends to launch Falcon Heavy's payload into elliptical orbit bringing the Tesla Roadster near Mars. SpaceX, and other private companies had never delivered a payload beyond the geostationary orbit prior to this launch.

Critics of SpaceX CEO Elon Musk are skeptical if the launch will ever succeed. For one, flying a booster with 27 engines had been by the Soviets through its N-1 rocket from 1969 to 1972 but never succeeded. The N-1 rocket's many engines were too much to fire and steer the Soviet giant "Moon rocket" into its desired orbit.

But Musk could never be counted out at this time, at least. The SpaceX executive was known for his penchant to do the unthinkable and succeed. The Falcon 1 rocket was a symbol of the "first" in space industry - the first ever single core with a single engine rocket capable of delivering a payload to space, a fate no other companies had done before.

SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket will greatly help the government in its search for a new launch capability after the US space shuttle was decommissioned in 2011.

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