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New MythBusters with New Hosts Debuts on Nov. 15
10/23/2017 11:33:17 AM
Arthur J. Villasanta - Fourth Estate Contributor

Silver Spring, MD, United States (4E) - Come Nov. 15, the world will either fall in love with or trash the two rank unknowns that will replace the well-loved duo of Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman as hosts of the iconic science entertainment TV program, MythBusters.

To Brian Louden of Spring, Texas (rescue diver, pilot and drone enthusiast with a biology degree) and Jonathan Lung from Staten Island, New York (engineer and product designer) falls the unenviable task of re-creating the magical chemistry among Adam and Jamie that allowed the original MythBusters to remain on-air from January 23, 2003 to March 5, 2016 on the Discovery Channel.

Odds are this new team won't last that long but let's give them their shot at glory.

MythBusters reboot will air its first of 14 episodes on Nov. 15. The original series lasted all of 282 episodes.

MythBusters reboot will continue the original version's mission of confirming or debunk fantastic claims and myths using actual science.

The first episode of the new MythBusters will see Brian and Jonathan test to see if an airbag can be lethal to front-seat passengers that put their feet on the dashboard. They'll also find out if it's really as easy to decapitate a zombie in real life as it is in TV or the movies. They'll use a rocket-powered sword to rank this myth as confirmed, plausible or busted.

Louden and Lung won a national talent search in MythBusters: the Search last February, beating nine other teams that wanted to host the reboot.

The original MythBusters earned eight consecutive Emmy nominations for Outstanding Reality Program from 2009 to 2016. It was produced by Beyond Productions in San Francisco.

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