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Seven Important Facts About Robert 'Bob' Weinstein, The 'Other' Weinsten
10/14/2017 6:13:13 PM

Hollywood, CA, United States (NewsBahn) - The Weinstein Company's reputation is currently under fire with allegations of sexual assault and rape towards one of its founders, Harvey Weinstein. The company was founded by the Weinstein brothers, Harvey and Bob back in 2005. But amidst the spotlight which is currently focused on Harvey, who is Bob Weinsten?

Family Background

Robert "Bob" Weinstein is an American film producer born on October 18, 1954. He's the second child of Max and Miriam Weinstein, making him the younger brother of Harvey Weinstein.

Confusing Children Information

Though some sources suggest he has been married twice and has three children (two daughters and a son), other sources claims that he has only two daughters, Sarah and Nicole Weinstein. Another source also claims that he had two daughters on the first marriage, and then married a second time in 2000 to Annie Clayton with whom he has a son and daughter.

British Film Institute

Due to his outstanding contribution to film culture, he was made a Fellow of the British Film Institute (BFI) back in 2002.

Tony & Emmy's

Bob has tons of nominations. From 2002 to 2016, Bob Weinstein has received Tony and Emmy nominations, but has only won a Tony award once for best musical back in 2001.


Though both brothers are in the entertainment business, Bob started his career by helping his brother Harvey in the concert promotional business in the 1970s. With the money that they earned, the brothers created a small independent film industry company called Miramax, which is named after their parents - Mira (Mother) and Max (Father). After that, Bob founded Dimension Films in 1992, which was an offshoot of Miramax.

Less Showy

Both brothers are the founders of The Weinstein Company. However, between them, Bob is the more silent partner and prefers to work behind the scenes and managing the books, while his brother Harvey has been the more public face of the company.

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