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Fox News fires liberal commentator Bob Beckel for racially charged comment against black employee
5/21/2017 9:28:34 AM
Fourth Estate Staff

New York City, NY, United States (4E) - Fox News Channel announced that they fired one of their liberal commentators, Bob Beckel, for making a racially charged comment against a black employee.

According to reports, the lawyer for the African American employee claimed that Beckel stormed out of his office on Tuesday after the man, who is a technician, came in to do work on the commentator's computer. Beckel said that he was leaving because the employee is black. Fox did not confirm if the details are correct.

A complaint from the employee was made against Beckel and the lawyer, Douglas Widor, claimed the Fox liberal commentator tried to intimidate the complainant so he will withdraw his complaint. However, Fox executive Kevin Lord said that no intimidation took place between the two men during a meeting with him. Lord added that Beckel apologized to the employee.

The incident took place on Tuesday. Beckel was let go on Friday evening. The human resources department of Fox News said that they characterized the situation as a racially insensitive remark from Beckel.

Beckel, who is part of the primetime program "The Five," has been with 21st Century Fox for years but he has been let go once in the past. Beckel joined Fox News in 2000 and departed from the show in 2015 due to his recovery from a back surgery. He returned just this year back in January.

This is not the first issue against Fox News regarding cultural insensitivity. Wigdor represented many of the employees complaining against Fox News over racial discrimination. Other complaints involved sexual harassment. Roger Ailes, the former chief executive of Fox News, and Bill O'Reilly, the top host of Fox News, were both accused of sexual harassment.

Widgor currently represents 22 clients with cases against Fox.

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