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Woman, dog found dehydrated but alive after disappearing into the woods after two days
3/13/2017 3:13:48 PM
Fourth Estate Staff

San Francisco, CA, United States (4E) - A woman and her dog were found by authorities alive but dehydrated after disappearing for two days into the woods.

The area is in San Francisco and the woman and her dog were out there during a family vacation. She was with her husband and her son when she went out for a hike.

The woman, 56-year-old Bethnee Haury, fell into a deep ravine while hiking with her pet, an Australian shepherd. The family of Haury called 911 to report her missing last Thursday. The woman and her pet were found on Saturday after combing through hiking trails. Sheriff's Detective Salvador Zuno said when searchers went near the area where the dog and Haury were found, they responded when searchers called out to them.

Zuno said there could have been many things that went wrong with Haury falling into a ravine with nothing to eat or drink. He said her health could have deteriorated and the area where she feel could have contributed to more injuries.

The ravine is said to be around 250 feet deep. Haury suffered minor injuries. She was flown to a hospital to be treated for dehydration and her minor injuries. It was unclear where the dog was taken to and if the pet also suffered injuries.

A total of 230 searchers looked for Haury and her pet dog. Zuno added, "That (number) does not include search dogs, horses, off-road vehicles, the sheriff's air squadron or the Cal Fire helicopter that also participated."

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