Tuesday, August 11, 2020
Norwegian Scientist Claims COVID-19 was Lab-Made
6/8/2020 9:32:11 AM

Norwegian scientist Birger Sørensen has claimed that the COVID-19 coronavirus is not natural in origin but is man-made.  The British-Norwegian study he co-authored was published in the Quarterly Review of Biophysics. 

Sørensen's and British professor Angus Dalgleish's study show that the COVID-19's spike protein contains sequences that appear to be artificially inserted.

According to the  scientists, the lack of mutation since its discovery suggests it was already fully adapted to humans and has properties that differ greatly from SARS which have never been detected in nature. 

Sørensen also claimed that the US and China have participated in "gain of function" studies on the coronavirus, the family which COVID-19 belonged to.

The advanced virology lab in Wuhan denied on Chinese state television that the allegations that COVID-19 originated from their lab were untrue and that the lab had never done any research into viruses similar to SARS-CoV-2.

Sørensen also disclosed that it was Chinese scientists that first released the sequences that the British-Norwegian study later claimed to have been unnatural in origin but have censored any further information.

Former head of Britain’s MI6, Sir Richard Dearlove who supported Sorensen's research adds that a biosecurity failure might have led to the virus escaping during an experiment with bat coronaviruses.

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