Monday, August 10, 2020
Robotic Restaurant Staff Serving Customers in Dutch Restaurant
6/2/2020 6:05:13 PM

The Dadawan restaurant in Maastricht, Netherlands has received a helping hand from some technological companions since coronavirus lockdown restrictions have eased.

Three robotic waiters named Amy, Aker and James have been handing out drinks at the Asian fusion restaurant, lightening the load of wait staff and reducing the number of trips they have to make to diners.

“Hi, here is your order. Please take it away from the tray. I will go back automatically in 20 seconds,” Amy informed a pair of women seated at a booth, after presenting them with two glasses of iced tea, Reuters wrote.

Each robot has a humanoid figure, complete with arms to hold trays and a screen that acts the robot's face (Mostly smiling, but sometimes frowning).

Staff load the drinks onto trays and press a table number. The robot does the rest.

Restaurant representative Paul Seijben told Reuters that waiters’ jobs are not threatened by the newcomers.

“Our team is actually really happy with the robots”, Seijben said.

"Restaurants in the Netherlands were closed from mid-March to June 1 for everything but take out and delivery," Reuters wrote. "Since Monday, restaurants have been allowed to receive up to 30 people with a minimum distance of 1.5 metres (5 ft) between tables. Diners must make an appointment in advance."

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