Monday, August 10, 2020
A Robot in South Korea is Fighting Coronavirus
6/1/2020 2:56:04 PM

A self-driving robot, armed with hand sanitizer and floor disinfectant, has been wandering the halls of South Korea's largest mobile operator.

The robot, equipped with a camera and LED screen checks employees and guests temperatures, gives them hand sanitizer and cleans the floor. 

SK Telecom brought the robot on to help enforce what South Korea's government is calling "distancing in daily life," a transition from social distancing, according to Reuters.

"Corporate Korea has long been used robotics for tasks including manufacturing and cleaning, but the technology is getting a boost as more companies strive to reduce human contact amid coronavirus concerns," Reuters wrote.

The robot was developed jointly by SK Telecom and Omron Electronics Korea, an "industrial automation solution provider," Reuters said. It transmits data to its server in real-time.

If anyone's temperature is over 97.5 Farenheit (37.5 Celsius), an alarm is set off. Using artificial intelligence, it detects (and separates) gatherings, and reminds those not wearing to mask to put one on.

“The robot helps minimize people-to-people contact and reduce time that’s taken for temperature checks at the entrance, and the AI technology raises accuracy,” Ra Kyhong-hwan, head of data business cooperation at SK Telecom and one of the developers, told Reuters.

Using ultraviolet lamps and two disinfectant sprayers, the robot can disinfect 99 percent of 355 square feet (33 square meters) of surface area in 10 minutes, the company told Reuters.

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